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Here are some online games you can play. Choose and click the big gamelabel on the cassette to start playing. For fast skipping through this page you can use the textlinks below

Leo Sliding Puzzle

You can also download these games as seperate programs so you can play them on your pc.

Just  a red gamecontroller





Smiley's Memory Game

Download the smiley's memory game

Play the Smiley Memory Game


This is an old fashioned memory game and so the goal of the game is to look for matching pairs. You have a maximum of 10 minutes to find these pairs.

There is a little twist: when you wait to long selecting a second tile the smiley will get bored and obstruct gameplay by starting an
activity. The trafficlight in the game will show red light and for a moment it will not be possible to turn a card. You can only turn cards when the light is green.

Time and the number of turns will affect the final score. If you are fast you will get into the highscore.

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The arcade Aliens Action Game

Download the aliens game

Play the Aliens Game


This is the inevitable arcade Aliens game. Starting slowly but soon becoming fastpaced. Watch out for the one with the shields. Can you beat the highscore?

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The good old sliding puzzle

Download the sliding puzzle

Play the sliding puzzle game

The end of the gamecontrollercable

There you go. The simple fun of a sliding puzzle. Just for the time you wanted to kill when you were young in whatever way (and was visiting your aunts and uncles).
The scoring mechanism is based on a combination of number of moves and the total time it takes to solve it. You can move the pieces by clicking on them with the cursor.

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